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Back in 2017, a day almost ruined my coming few years, an accident cost me a torn ligament which eventually ruptured the coming year. Took me to a stage which emotionally degraded me thinking of being completely motionless, took to a stage where I was not having the confidence even for just a mere jogging. Finally decided to look for some solutions and by the act of God , I contacted Harish sir and from there, he managed the show and gave me a new life; Boosted me to more to a mental level that forced me to climb 3 giant trekking expeditions, nothing much to say, I convey my sincere gratitude to you sir
Donald Salvor || Global Initiative Vishnu Venugopalan I had undergone treatment for my ‘Hip joint issues’ under Dr. Harish Chandran and underwent Hip replacement Surgery in Sept 2019 and just completed the first year.It has been a life changing experience and I was blessed to get treatment under such a highly skilled surgeon and a wonderful human being.I was advised Hip Replacement Surgery by many surgeons in the past but I didn’t have the confidence to undergo the procedure for various reasons.The medical advice, detailed explanation about the procedure and the positive support received from Dr. Harish were instrumental in taking this big decision.Post-surgery, besides being physically more active, I am pain free and confident in my daily life. May God Bless you him.
Alen Mathew In an accident my tibia, fibula and femur was fractured and my PCL was completely torn. My leg was almost severed from my body. I was almost sure that I lost my leg but Harish sir promised me that I'll be able to walk on my own. It took 4 surgeries (2 major and 2 minor). Throughout the four months of my bed rest Harish sir gave me confidence that I'll be able to get back on my feet and do everything I used to do. I started my physiotherapy at Smart clinic which was run by Mohammed Rafi who is one of the best physiotherapists in trivandrum. A few weeks ago, 9 months after my accident, I participated in an international public speaking competition and was able to win it. If it wasn't for Harish sir I wouldn't be able to be where I am today nor have the confidence that I have. Thank you so much sir.
Vishnu M P I don't know where to start...Let me tell you my story from the beginning, As a former National gold medalist in swimming, I regularly used to train my body & try to keep it fit so I used to involve in different sports along with swimming. While playing football as part of my daily routine I toar my Left leg ACL (Fully). It was devastating. I contacted multiple doctors initially, all of them said It's just a sprain suggested high dose of pain relief tablets. After a few weeks, the pain got worse. so I was searching for the best doctors in town. Some of my colleague in sports field suggests to me Dr. Harish Chandran then I took an appointment and I had informed him regarding the issues I faced. on that first sitting itself, he told it was a fully ruptured ACL. For confirmation, I took an MRI scan. After confirmation of the surgery date, I had information on what was going to be done. He explained exactly what he is going to do. He suggested a BPT graft . Also, he said it is going to be a single procedure. He explained to me as if he was explaining to a schoolkid. I visited him a few times before surgery and clarified all my questions..Now I am 8 months from my ACL reconstruction. I have started jogging and do my regular exercises.Thanks a lot Harish Sir. for getting me back on my feet.I am very happy that I decided to do the surgery and that too with Dr Harish Chandran..One thing I can say with confidence is that if you are facing any sport-related injuries/Pain and if you go meet Dr. Harish, you will find the “best possible solution & a rapid recovery”.
Thank you Doc!
Varun Sudheer I have been suffering from sever shoulder pain for almost three years preventing me from doing any sort of exercises as well as difficult movements. Post surgery , Physio and personalised help, I am now fully recover and back to a very active stress free life. Thank you Doctor!
vishnu satheesh My mind was fliced wheni was advised told to do the ACL recontruction.I was like will i be able to be back to swimming or badminton.As aa suggesfion of my brother i went to see Dr Harish Chandran his confidence made me to mentally prepare for the surgery were now i am cycling swimming fine with no difficulties.Dr Harish Chandran is a flawless person thanking him
Philip Augustine Naijan I happen to get my ACL torn while playing. I was so down on thought that I may not return to the court. That is when I happen to hear about Dr. Harish . After 8 months of the surgery when i happened to play for a tournament I wasn't afraid of any injury, because of the confidence that he and Rafi sir gave on the recovery along with the rehab procedure. I am so grateful to both and would recommend them to anyone with ortho-related ailments.
Donald Salvor || Global Initiative Anoop A My ACL had completely torn in 2000, however since my knee remained stable I didnt do a surgery. But I was asked to stay away from running. From 2013 onwards I have been cycling and have been doing long rides and participating in races at national level. However MRIs in 2017 showed that my cartilage is getting damaged as well. Hence I decided to do the ACL surgery as it will help me get back to running as well.As a runner/cycling, knee is of utmost importance for me. Hence I did my research for the best Doctor in South India who could help me and my research ended with finding Dr Harish Chandran.Dr reassured me that my right leg (with ACL tear) will get as strong us the other one and I can start jogging after 4 months and running after a few more. The surgery and everything that followed was a smooth affair. Rafi sir and team did a great job with physio.Now I am running better than ever and I am very happy that I decided to do the surgery and that too with Dr Harish Chandran.
Thank you Doc!
Donald Salvor || Global Initiative Arun Raj J S I underwent an ACL Reconstruction surgery and Bucket Handle Meniscus Repair 1 year ago. Harish sir gave me confidence and told me to start playing tennis after 6 months. I did my rehab with Rafi sir for 6 months. Now after completing 1 year of my surgery, I played some tournaments and I am back to my best. Thanks to Dr. Harish Chandran sir and my physio Rafi sir for helping and being with me throughout my recovery.
Junaid I cannot thank Dr Harish Chandran enough. I was injured while playing football and I tore my meniscus real bad, and after the injury, I was not sure what to do next. It's around then I heard about Dr Harish and I met him a few months after the injury. He was really confident and really easy to talk to which immediately built my trust in him. I did my surgery on 15th of August 2018 and I started playing football a year down the lane. A big thanks to Dr Rafi as well, he kept pushing and pushing when I was being lazy.I would definitely suggest Dr Harish Chandran to all my friends, God Forbid if they come across any injuries.
Rohit Vikram Dr. Harish Chandran is exemplary is every aspect of his profession. From educating you with facts using infographics and models about your issue to instilling confidence with reassurance of the effectiveness of the solution, to performing the procedure with deliberate meticulousness. His guidance with the recovery has shown a definite road back to my active lifestyle. I am back to jogging, swimming, sports, calisthenics and weight training. 11 months after my surgery. Due credit goes to Mr. Rafi and his rehabilitative treatment. But fellow patrons, please remember that all this is for your wellness, and to stick with the program. and follow through.
Thank you.
Muhammad Tharik I injured my acl 1year back ,while met an accident.lam a badminton player .I lost my confidence while playing.l stop playing.I discussed my injury with many players and others.Finally I heard about Dr Harish Sir.Actually sir give me full confidence "you can play,run........ I undergoes acl surgery.For the fast recovery he suggest continue psyotherapy under Mr Rafisir.Iam 5 months past my surgery now.Now i can run,play......Thanks to Harish Sir ,Rafisir and Team.
Thank you.
Donald Salvor || Global Initiative Rahul R I tore my acl and meniscus while playing football.I consulted doctor harish chandran and he gave me 100% confidence that i can back to football.he done my surgery on nov 7 2017 now i can run and doctor already gave the authorize to me start playing football.thanks to doctor harish chandran and physio rafi sir
Nideesh Kumar. S Dear sir I Am Suffering Shoulder Dislocation Issues Since Last 17Years. First Time Happened When I Was Playing Cricket. With In These Time Around 5 Times Happened. Last 8years Not Happened Now I Started Workout In Gym But Unfortunetly Again Happend. I Need To Fix This Issue In Permanantely. I Hope You Will Give Suggestions And Approximate Cost Also.
Umesh Kumar M Firstly i want to thank Mr.Harish Chandran (my doctor) And Mr.Rafi (physio) and his team for giving me better treatment and care without allowing my confidence to go down, they always supported me and helped me to fight and be strong. Last year july,2017 while playing badminton i suffered an injury and torn my ACL and i consulted Harish sir whom i know earlier as he was the one who treated me when i sprained my wrist. so he consulted for and MRI and in which he was clear of my torn ligament and asked me to get operated for the same. After my surgery i was sent for physiotheraphy to Rafi Sir and i would say he is a gem who boost confidence in you and helps you and motivate you to work harder to heal sooner. His exercises was very good and regular monthly checkup from Harish sir helped me to get on the track. Now i have started jogging and gym soon would be back playing badminton and dancing which i like alot. Once again thanks alot to both Harish and Rafi sir to help me.
Nithin Had surgery in my leg after I met with an accident. Getting better and stronger. Thanks to Dr.Harish and Mr.Rafi
Prajith J R I had an ACL injury 4 years back while playing football without having enough warm up. I went to SP fort hospital and they suggested me for the surgery that really shocked me. Inorder to avoid surgery I took treatment from Ayurveda college for 2 weeks but that gave me temporary relief only. As it was a sports injury we went to G V Raja sports school for a suggestion and they referred Dr. Harish Chandran. Then i consulted the doctor one year back and I was again suggested for the surgery.The best thing i have found in the doctor is he makes us clear each and every thing about our problem. He gives us enough confidence to move on.Then i had a surgery 9 months back and I couid leave the hospital within 3 days. After that i had undergone 6 weeks of physio therapy from Dr. Rafi as suggested by Dr.Harish Chandran.Physio therapy section under Rafi doctor and team was also outstanding. Now i feel pretty happy and thankful for both of them.
Akarsh G I am GC at IMA,dehradun and sustained a tore acl and bi-meniscus tear while playing football at the academy which resulted in a unstable knee and posed a barrier in my training.Dr.hareesh operated me and rafi sir supervised my physio sessions.........6 months post surgery now am very much confident to return to the rigours of my training and looking forward to perform excellantaly in my training activities.Thank you hareesh sir and rafi sir...........thanks a lot.
Benno.B Firstly i want to thank Mr.Harish Chandran (my doctor) And Mr.Rafi (physio) to giving me better good treatmen and care. Last year october my Acl ligament teared when i play football. That was my first and big injury in my football life. When i get i injury i think i can't play football again in my life and i feel so sad ath the situation. And My coach Mr.cleofas Alex who send me to see Harish doctor for treatment. Next day i go to see Harish doctor for my treatment. After the consultent he give me many more confidence and also he tell me dont worry about your football life i agreed u after the six month of your surgery u will play. That time i feel good confidentaly and i start my treatment. He treated me without any pain And care me alot. After my surgery he send me to do physioteraphy to recover my ligament. Mr.Rafi my physio he care me very much and help me alot. His exercises was very good for my knee .6 months i do physiotherpy in their control. I go to see Harish doctor in every month to show my knee and he check it and give me more confidence to do exercises. After the 6 months i perfectly rcoverd. And i started playing football again with full pressure without any pain. And i got central goverment job in football and now am playing santhosh trophy. Now am very happy beacause one day i think that i cant play football again in my life but now am very happy to came this level. So am once again thanking u doctor and rafi physio. In my life i never see a ortho like u. Any way thnkuu soo much Harish doctor and Rafi physio. With out your care and support i cannot acheive these moments anyway thank u..
Nitheesh B S I had ACL and meniscus injured by playing football almost four years back.It slowly made my leg knee unstable sometimes.This affected my confidence level much greater.It was about 7 months back that I came to know about Dr Harish Chandran by one person and then consulted him.Right from there he was with me and now iam completely satisfied with the surgery I had 5 months back.Dr Harish Chandran is very friendly,clarifies any sort of doubt and man with positive and clam approach to the patients.With the help of Dr Harish Chandran and physiotherapist Mr Mohammed Rafi,now i have started jogging which is a great thing which helps me to regain my confidence.A much greater care is being given by them.I would strongly suggest this combination of Dr Harish Chandran and Dr Mohammad Rafi for any with similar case of mine.
Donald Salvor || Global Initiative Sreekanth M Best Doctor, Harish sir is the best doctor I have met and consulted, broke my ACL on Two Wheeler Accident . I Consulted with Harish doctor and I asked doctor after surgery whether I can Driving 100%, Harish doctor gave me 110% confidence you can driving and we did an ACL repair on my leg, after surgery Harish doctor said me to do 6 months of continuous physiotherapy and sir consulted me to Rafi sir physiotherapist, Rafi sir gave me good exercise and after 6 months of physiotherapy . Iam started My Job Heavy Vehicle Driving [Bus,Lorry,Trilor,Fork Lift ect....]. My leg very strong and in perfect condition thanks to Harish sir and Rafi sir.
Ashie I am Ashie. During my physical training in Madhya Pradesh, the meniscus in right knee teared Unfortunately orthopedicians those I've consulted couldn't diagnose the condition. They neglected saying it's mere a sprain, and asked me to take 3 days rest. After that strenuous physical training , my further training had nothing to do with physical , Only the morning jogging and yoga was there , which was hurting but still adjustable. I struggled to climb stairs , leg was shaking sometimes, it gets twisted now and then. After training I've got posted in Odisha . I was alone in my quarters ; one night I've slipped , and fell twice , my knee got twisted and folded to medial and external sides in right angles . I suffered a lot that night . I was taken to KIMS in Bbsr, Odisha on the very next day , which was a well reputed hospital in that place. But they've also said its mera a sprain . With God's grace they've referred to Kerala for further treatment if required. I came to Kerala and went to Govt Medical College Trivandrum for further treatments . Here they have diagnosed meniscus degeneration and Anterior Cruciate Ligament Partial tear. they asked me to put plaster for 6 weeks . Even after that much rest , my legs were shaking . All consoled me saying it may be God's will, even blinds are living in this world, my condition is not that bad, relatives despised by saying my future is devastated as I am not married yet.despite of all these words I prayed , relied on God's will . Like and angel's good news , one of my brother's friend introduced us about Doc Harish Chandran who is specialised in such surgeries . We kept that in mind. But my shaking legs didn't walked well for much days , I happened to get into a condition of locked knee and I was taken to Cosmo Hospital in that emergency . Doc Harish Chandran attended my case and his Physiotherapy team under Mr Rafi Mohammad did an amazing job . I have completed 4 months after the surgery . Started my jumping sessions by now. Two more months are yet to go .I am really thankful for the whole team. Important thing that I have seen and applaudable is that they love their job. They are interested to reach heights without compromising humane values. Let this become an example for generations to come.
Sandeep.N I had an ACL complete tear compounded with Deep Meniscus tear. The confidence and assurance Dr.Harish Chandran gave me is what prompted me to undergo the surgeory.I must accept the experience of my first surgeory was unique and you wonder how calm he was during the surgeory. Though under local anaesthesia we wont feel a pain, the anxiety is always there, but the frequent chat from the doctor helps calm you and the songs from his collection keeps you engaged, yes u read it right a vast collection of songs u get to choose from....Post Surgeory Physiotherapy plays a key part and Mr. Mohammed Rafi, is one of the best in Sports Physio. That makes the team a perfect winning combination. Strict adherence to Rafi Sirs' routines and instructions for 3 months can make you physically very strong and last a lifetime...Surgeory and rehab was very successful and I feel very much stronger on the knee. Had been engaged in Football and Running for an year and the ACL injury is long forgotten... Thank you..
Donald Salvor || Global Initiative Al Ameen K.S I would like to thank You Dr.Harish for my Speedy recovery. The way you handles my knee joint (ACL) problem is commendable. I am extremely satisfied by the caring and friendly treatment given by you doctor. Dr.Harish, You are not just a good surgeon but also a gentle person and a very strong motivator.
Mamatha Sudheendran I got my Acl ruptured during my dance practice. My knee became unstable. I consulted 2 ortho surgeons and 2 neurosurgeons. But nobody didn't find out the reason behind my unstable knee. I was totally depressed. A friend of mine suggested me to consult Dr. Harish.i consulted him and he clearly stated that it was an ACL rupture without seeing any scan reports.later my MRI scan reports also showed that it was a chronic complete rupture of my Acl. Dr Harish recommended me for the ACL reconstruction surgery. I was very afraid of the surgery. But Dr Harish gave me the confidence . He assured me that I'll be back to normal life. I underwent my ACL reconstruction surgery in February. Now I'm five months past my surgery. Dr Harish is very friendly and a dedicated ortho surgeon I have ever seen. Thank you so much for your expert care and continuous concern for my recovery. You were patient and kind enough to explain the surgery and post surgery rehab. The rehab under Rafi sir helped me a lot. Rafi sir is an excellent and a dedicated physiotherapist. I'm so thankful to you for my surgery and recommend you all the time to people I meet who have similar problems. Thank you so much for helping me regain my life.
Muhammad Tharik I injured my acl 1year back ,while met an accident.lam a badminton player .I lost my confidence while playing.l stop playing.I discussed my injury with many players and others.Finally I heard about Dr Harish Sir.Actually sir give me full confidence "you can play,run........ I undergoes acl surgery.For the fast recovery he suggest continue psyotherapy under Mr Rafisir.Iam 5 months past my surgery now.Now i can run,play......Thanks to Harish Sir ,Rafisir and Team.
Gokul Ganesan Ok. I dont know where to start..... I had done ACL Reconstruction in Stanford in Dec 2012 using an alograft technique. Exactly three years later, I tore it again. The tear was right in the centre of the ligament. It was devastating. I contacted Stanford and asked why this would have happened. The doctor there(not mentioning name) told me to come back and he shall do a surgery again. I was no way travelling to US for another surgery. I was searching for the best doctors in town. I went to another doc. first and he insisted on having two surgeries. I was devastated on hearing this. That's when I stumbled upon Dr. Harish. Since I had already done the surgery, I had information on what was going to be done the second time. Doc. is really great when explaining you exactly what he is going to do. Also, he said it is going to be a single procedure. He explained to me as if he was explaining to a small kid about what he was going to do. I visited him twice before surgery and clarified all my questions. he physiotherapist Rafi make a great team. I underwent pre surgical physiotherapy which helped me a great deal. Now I am 1 year and 2 months from my second ACL reconstruction. I have started jogging and regular exercises. My aim is get back to badminton and keeping myself fit always.Thanks a lot Doc. for getting me back on my feet and start running(which I love to do). One thing is for sure you will surely gain confidence after seeing these two people. I can say with confidence if you are in with a knee problem and if you go meet Doc. Harish 'YOU SURE ARE GOING TO BE ALRIGHT'.
Thanks a lot Doc. :):):)
Finion Dear Dr. Harish, This is a thankyou note from the bottom of my heart for a very successful ACL surgery as well as follow up treatment which you have conducted few months back. I must say that your professionalism and commitment on this instance is very commendable and with your assistance , now I am back on track.I have been searching for a good doctor for my surgery though I visited few doctors and was not confident with them. At last I got a feedback from one of my friends about you, thus I come down to you and I was so impressed the way you have attended my case.Though there is no need for a propaganda for a well conducted work, I will spread this experience among my network through word of mouth and other means as far as I can.Let me show my gratitude and gratefulness and I will cherish this memory throughout my life.
My sincere thanks !!!
Thanks a lot Doc. :):):)
Donald Salvor || Global Initiative Adam Fayaz So I did my knee ACL ligament reconstruction surgery was last year from Trivandrum cosmopolitan hospital with DR. HARISH CHANDRAN. He was very friendly the way he treats me like his own son, which is an unforgettable experience of me. Also, the surgery was very successful and now I can run and the doctor already gave the authorize to me start playing football. Thank you so much, Dr. Harish Chandran and his team, physio Dr.Rafi and his assistant Asif.
Tharaj Thaj I injured my ACL 6 months back, while playing football. I use to play regularly until then. I heard of Dr Harish Chandran from a few other doctors, which i why i decided to consult him.I am 4 months past my surgery now. He gave me a lot of confidence after the surgery clearing all kinds of doubts about the knee post surgery. I have been following exactly what the doctor had asked me to and now my leg feels completely normal eventhough i am more than 2 months away from playing. I am very thankful to him for doing a perfectly good job and highly recommend to anyone who wana get their ACL fixed .
Sunil K P I would like to share my experience with recent ACL reconstruction at cosmo hospital with Dr. Harish Chandran.He was very patient with me in explaining all stages prior to the surgery and how the recovery works. I am very pleased with Dr.Harish and was taken well care under his guidance.10 days after the surgery I started by Physio with M.Raffi who is the best physiotherapist I have every met. 3 weeks of non stop physio gave me a very speedy recovery .Today its being exact 2 months after my surgery and I feel very strong and can run and do everything normally, though I am advised to refrain from sport for another 2 months. I am continuing to focus to muscle up my knee for the next 2 months before I get back in to sports.I wouldnt be able to do this without Dr.Harish or neither M. Raffi. Physio plays a major role in your after recovery and I suggest everyone follows it whether you like it or not. That is life changing !
I am very thankful to you Dr. Harish
All the best to all
Sachin Chandran I had dislocated my right shoulder while i was in 2nd year of my college.I didn't take it seriously and within a span of 3 years i had dislocated it 5 times.Luckily,i got in touch with Dr Harish sir,through his cousin who was my friend in college. Dr Harish made me realise the extent of injury as i had suffered both slap and bankart tear. He gave me the option of having key hole surgery and also implanting bio-absorable anchors which other doctors who i had consulted earlier didnt give me.This all made me completely confident about the surgery and finally we did it.The Rehab was done under the guidance of Muhammed Rafi sir who is one of the best physiotherapist in trivandrum.Within 6 months i was completely recovered and was back to normal activities. It's been 2 years after the surgery and i have never dislocated my shoulder again. I would like thank Dr Harish for his caring attiude and for such devotion to his patients.
Dr. Alan Chris I had a beach injury 7 months back and got a complete ACL tear. I consulted an Ortho doctor (i'm not mentioning his name), but was in vain. Two months after the incident I came to know about Dr. Harish Chandran, a very dedicated Ortho Surgeon. I consulted him and he advised me ACL reconstruction Surgery and assured me that I will be back to normal soon. My Physiotherapist (Rafi Sir) had a vital role to play after my surgery. And yes, here I am four months after ACL surgery. I'm Back to normal with good ROM. Thanks a ton to Dr. Harish and Rafi Sir. I wish them good luck.
Anoop Devasia I am a basketball player working in KSEB, Trivandrum. I have injured my ACL on both knees simultaneously 4 years back while playing and I undergone surgery with Dr. Hareesh twice for both legs. While I was suffered with my first injury, I become very much desperated and was thinking that it was the end of my sports career. Fortunately I was heard about Dr. Hareesh who just joined to a hospital which is very much near to my office. I went to consult with the Doctor, but he totally changed my attitude and gave me very much confidence. Then I undergone my first surgery. Within a very short time I have recovered from my injury after the surgery than any other my colleagues who have undergone surgery with other Doctors. We don't feel him like a doctor but like a brother or a friend while his treatment and so we feel very much comfortable for his treatment. He is very friendly and the best doctor I have ever seen. I am still playing for my team with very much confidence than before. Though 3 years over after the second leg surgery, still I am not even feeling any small pain on both my knees. I am 100% satisfied with the treatment with Dr. Hareesh. Thank you very much Doctor.
Rakhi S 1 year ago ,i got an accident and acl rupture.then consult Dr. Harish Chandran who did my surgery in my knee .he gave me 100% assurance and confidence.the physiotherapy section is also helped me lot.Now year and 6 months are gone and I am perfectly alright and can dance ..Thanks to his excellent and dedicated mind .
Vyas K S I had consulted regarding Acl injury hoping it would be just a minor injury and wouldn't need a surgery. Despite knowing the seriousness of the injury I wouldn't have gone through the surgery and subsequent physiotherapy sessions if it were not for the constant support and confidence that Dr Harish Chandran instilled in me. Sir has always been very patient with even the minor doubts and that too long after my surgery and had given me sound advices even about alternate medication. And thankfully I can play again now.I have always advised my friends to consult sir and will always be grateful to Sir.
James Kuwait Dr. Harish sir is one of the best doctors I met in my life and like a brother , friend and good advisor.I was broke my ASL and it was revision ACL. I never thought I can walk properly but I met great doctor thats why I rejoin my job.thank you very much doctor and god bless you and your family.
Bhaskar S Nair Dr. Harish is one of the best doctors that I have met. This is not just my opinion but my whole family thinks so !! I had an arthroscopy due to the injury sustained on the shoulder due to recurrent dislocations and the decision to have Dr Harish perform the surgery was the best decision I could make. He is one of the most experienced arthroscopic surgeons in the state and our consultations with him only reaffirmed this fact. Every person undergoing has doubts and apprehension in their mind and the most outstanding quality of Dr Harish is that he takes time to clear all doubts regarding the problem and listens to everyone carefully and then decides the best course of action to be followed. Not only this the post operative followup and care administered by him are excellent. And I have made good progress thanks to the timely and correct guidance and motivation of Dr Harish. Also the constant care and encouragement provided by Mr Rafi , my physiotherapist , deserves special mention. I thank them for my recuperation and I think they make a great team. My recovery wouldn't have been possible without the assistance of Dr Harish and Mr Rafi. A true professional , I would gladly recommend Dr Harish to anyone.
Akshay rajeeve I got my acl ruptured while performing a dance stunt.. i made the right and best choice by consulting Doctor Harish Chandran who did my surgery and gave me 100 % assurance and confidence regarding my recovery. The physiotherapy sessions post surgery by Rafi sir was incredibly helpful in regaining the full functioning and strength of my knee.I am currenty 7 months post surgery and thanks to the excellent dedication ..help ,support and care of Doctor Harish and Rafi sir my leg is smoothly returning to its preinjury condition.
leslie rufus Dr.harish chandran is one of the best doctors in sports medicine. He is really positive and given me bundle of confidence while I got operated for acl reconstruction. I am really thankful to Dr.harish and mr.mohammed rafi who led my physiotherapy section after the surgery. I could play my natural game exactly after six months as promised by him. Thanks a lot
Amarkareem Dr harish is one of the best doctor l've met! He done my Acl reconstruction surgery. He explaining things about this is superb And now I can walk normally without any pain.thank you doctor!
Sreekumar P Here is a Real Doctor whom we can rely 101%. Excellent treatment. Very sincere and excellent behavior. First it was treatment for my mother in law, 80+ years, when she broke her hip bone, now she walks conficently. Second for myself with complaint in my ankle. Kudos to you DOCTOR..
Mohamed Hassan Dr.hareesh is a great dr. The way he treats his patients are excellent.. His personality is excellent..He has done my maniscus n acl reconstuction surgery. N im fine..The way he expain things n connects with the patient are superb.. I like his work... Carry it with you sir.
Saraswathy N Nair This is the best doctor i have ever seen so brilliant and nice treatment.now i am walking perfectly thank u doctor.
Harikrishnan.S One of the best doctors I've met .... I got my ACL ruptured while playing basketball.. the tear was total and my leg was really weak .. I consulted Dr.Harish and we did an ACL repair surgery .. now my leg is in perfect condition and I'm into active sports again ... recovery is 100% guranteed... and one more thing, u'll get a confidence after your consultation with Harish sir .. His behavior and attitude is really inspiring ..
Akhil R S Harish sir is the best doctor I have met and consulted. I got ACL raptured while paying football, I consulted with Harish doctor and I asked doctor after surgery whether I can play 100%, Harish doctor gave me 110% confidence you can play and we did an ACL repair on my leg, after surgery Harish doctor said me to do 6 months of continuous physiotherapy and sir consulted me to Rafi sir physiotherapist, Rafi sir gave me good exercise and after 6 months of physiotherapy I started playing football and my leg very strong and in perfect condition thanks to Harish sir and Rafi sir.
Sabari C L I broke my ACL while playing football,as suggested by my team mate I went on to consult Dr.Harish sir in January 2012.I was totally impressed in the very first consultation.I was treated with utmost professionalism and care. His attitude towards patient is really positive and cool.Here is one doctor who finds time to explain what is the real problem and what treatment he is going to do.He gave tonnes of confidence before I was operated on.As advised by a doctor I underwent physiotherapy for 4 to 5 months,and slowly started playing my favorite sport after gaining strength and confidence.It has been one and half years,now I am perfectly fit and plays well.I would also like to mention the physiotherapist Rafi sir as he trained me well after surgery. I am very thankful Dr.HARISH CHANDRAN . I would highly recommend Dr. Harish Chandran to any ortho patient.