Dr Harish chandran, postgraduated from MSRMC Bangalore. A known Sports buff from his school and college days, and his interest in sports and sports injuries prompted him to take up training in Arthroscopy and Sports medicine at various international centers.

He completed a fellowship in arthroscopy and sports medicine at Sports injury & arthroscopy clinic , Ortho one Hospital Coimbatore. A centre recognised by international society for arthroscopy, knee surgery and orthopaedic sports medicine (ISAKOS) under the tutelage of Dr David Rajan, a known pioneer in the field of arthroscopy and sports medicine in India.

Then he went to Italy for further advanced training in shoulder and knee arthroscopy at the famous Rizzoli institute of orthopedics, a center known for sports medicine, arthroscopy and joint replacement surgery.


  • Dr. David Rajan (Coimbatore)
  • Dr Clement Joseph
  • Dr. Maurrelio marcacci
  • Dr Steffano Zaffagnnini
  • Dr Nader Darwich @ Dr Jaap Williams
          ( Abu Dhabi sports institute)
  • He has special interest and expertise in knee
    shoulder and ankle injuries.

  • Acl reconstructions
  • Pcl reconstructions
  • Cartilage injuries
  • Meniscus repairs
  • Rotator cuff repairs
  • Slap injuries
  • Sports medicine injuries

  • Success Stories

    Back in 2017, a day almost ruined my coming few years, an accident cost me a torn ligament which eventually ruptured the coming year. Took me to a stage which emotionally degraded me thinking of being completely motionless, took to a stage where I was not having the confidence even for just a mere jogging. Finally decided to look for some solutions and by the act of God , I contacted Harish sir and from there, he managed the show and gave me a new life; Boosted me to more to a mental level that forced me to climb 3 giant trekking expeditions, nothing much to say, I convey my sincere gratitude to you sir
    Donald Salvor || Global Initiative Akshay S
    HEARTFELT GRATITUDE TO DR. HARISH CHANDRAN I had undergone treatment for my ‘Hip joint issues’ under Dr. Harish Chandran and underwent Hip replacement Surgery in Sept 2019 and just completed the first year.It has been a life changing experience and I was blessed to get treatment under such a highly skilled surgeon and a wonderful human being.I was advised Hip Replacement Surgery by many surgeons in the past but I didn’t have the confidence to undergo the procedure for various reasons.The medical advice, detailed explanation about the procedure and the positive support received from Dr. Harish were instrumental in taking this big decision.Post-surgery, besides being physically more active, I am pain free and confident in my daily life. May God Bless you him.
    Donald Salvor || Global Initiative Vishnu Venugopalan
    I underwent an ACL Reconstruction surgery and Bucket Handle Meniscus Repair 1 year ago. Harish sir gave me confidence and told me to start playing tennis after 6 months. I did my rehab with Rafi sir for 6 months. Now after completing 1 year of my surgery, I played some tournaments and I am back to my best. Thanks to Dr. Harish Chandran sir and my physio Rafi sir for helping and being with me throughout my recovery. Donald Salvor || Global Initiative Arun Raj J S
    My ACL had completely torn in 2000, however since my knee remained stable I didnt do a surgery. But I was asked to stay away from running. From 2013 onwards I have been cycling and have been doing long rides and participating in races at national level. However MRIs in 2017 showed that my cartilage is getting damaged as well. Hence I decided to do the ACL surgery as it will help me get back to running as well.As a runner/cycling, knee is of utmost importance for me. Hence I did my research for the best Doctor in South India who could help me and my research ended with finding Dr Harish Chandran. Dr reassured me that my right leg (with ACL tear) will get as strong us the other one and I can start jogging after 4 months and running after a few more. The surgery and everything that followed was a smooth affair. Rafi sir and team did a great job with physio. Now I am running better than ever and I am very happy that I decided to do the surgery and that too with Dr Harish Chandran. Donald Salvor || Global Initiative Anoop A
    I tore my acl and meniscus while playing football.I consulted doctor harish chandran and he gave me 100% confidence that i can back to football.he done my surgery on nov 7 2017 now i can run and doctor already gave the authorize to me start playing football.thanks to doctor harish chandran and physio rafi sir Donald Salvor || Global Initiative Rahul R
    Best Docter like a God.. my leg is strong in perfect condition.I broke my ACL while doing practice. My friend suggested Harish sir name.. Thank you sir for your treatment.. I really felt comfortable with you.. Now I back to my performance.. I got medal in my last competition.. And I’m really thankful to Rafi sir physiotherapist, who gave me good exercise and after 6 months of physiotherapy I started my practice.. now my leg is strong in perfect condition. Donald Salvor || Global Initiative Adarsh B S
    Harish sir is the best doctor I have met and consulted, broke my ACL on Two Wheeler Accident . I Consulted with Harish doctor and I asked doctor after surgery whether I can Driving 100%, Harish doctor gave me 110% confidence you can driving and we did an ACL repair on my leg, after surgery Harish doctor said me to do 6 months of continuous physiotherapy and sir consulted me to Rafi sir physiotherapist, Rafi sir gave me good exercise and after 6 months of physiotherapy . Iam started My Job Heavy Vehicle Driving [Bus,Lorry,Trilor,Fork Lift ect..... My leg very strong and in perfect condition thanks to Harish sir and Rafi sir. Donald Salvor || Global Initiative Sreekanth M
    I would like to thank You Dr.Harish for my Speedy recovery. The way you handles my knee joint (ACL) problem is commendable. I am extremely satisfied by the caring and friendly treatment given by you doctor. Dr.Harish, You are not just a good surgeon but also a gentle person and a very strong motivator. Donald Salvor || Global Initiative Al Ameen K.S
    I did my knee ACL ligament reconstruction surgery was last year.So I did my knee ACL ligament reconstruction surgery was last year from Trivandrum cosmopolitan hospital with DR. HARISH CHANDRAN. He was very friendly the way he treats me like his own son, which is an unforgettable experience of me. Also, the surgery was very successful and now I can run and the doctor already gave the authorize to me start playing football.Thank you so much, Dr. Harish Chandran and his team, physio Dr.Rafi and his assistant Asif. Donald Salvor || Global Initiative Adam fayaz